Your Theories About Reichenbach Falls

The World May Never Know (at least until Season 3)

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Body swap time again!


^ Not Sherlock.

[Due to the fantastically bogged-down nature of my inbox, I continue to have extremely disjointed time-travel conversations with all of you lovely people. Before reading this post, I suggest checking out this link and this link. Those are more in-depth posts on the same subject, but I’m not going to cover all of those points again here for the sake of those of you who read it all the first time around.]

laurizplease asked:

Sorry, another ask! But the body swap on the gurney kinda seems like a production error to me? Going by how, uh, final and composed the shot just before of SH being wheeled away was, compared to that shot, I’d guess it wasn’t scripted but they decided they needed it while Benedict was off shooting a different scene. B/c of the weather or scheduling, they might have had to do all the Barts stuff in a hurry? The missing blood does seem sketch, but you only see one frame of it. I dunno. xD; <3

The earlier shot of Sherlock being wheeled away was different…

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